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Placing an ad on Escorts-n-Fetishes is like having your very own expensive marketing department working for you 24/7.

Your ad is running 24/7 presenting you to thousands of interested clients on a daily basis. While your out working, partying or on vacation your ad on Escorts-n-Fetishes is working for you, prompting clienting to contact you. Chances are that your email will be filling up quickly with customers wanting to book appointments!

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"I've placed my ads on numerous different sites and using an adult seo company.... and none could compare to the number of booked appointments that Escorts-n-Fetishes got for me....thanks guys!"

At least half the money you spend on advertising is wasted! This not the case with Escorts-n-Fetishes, we produce results and help to put more money in your pocket.!

If you want to know exactly which ads work and which ads flop so you can only spend money on the winners - starting asking your new clients how they heard about you, chances are it was on Escorts-n-Fetishes.com

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London Escorts

I finally found a site that was easy to submit my ad to and gave me total control to make changes when it fit my schedule.

Escorts-n-Fetishes has everything I was looking for and I'm glad I placed an ad with them.

I am finally getting a higher class of clientele and I have been able to raise my rates to $600 per hour because I am in such high demand. These guys know how to drive traffic to your ad!

Los Angeles Escort

How Escort-n-Fetishes can help YOU achieve the results other directories only dream about!

First, Escorts-n-Fetishes has a team dedicated to making sure your ad is found when clients search for your services in the search engines.

We spend thousands of dollars advertising every month to make sure the top dollar clients find your ad!

Once you place an ad on Escorts-n-Fetishes, you will discover the true demand for you and how much money you can make.

As an elite VIP Escort you pick and choose which clients you want to see. There will be plenty of wealthy clients begging you to let them give you their money!

Is this cool, or what?

Second, it allows you to set your own schedule, work as little or as much as your want.

If you don't already know, the sky is the limit as an escort. It only a matter of creating demand for your services.

In order to make more money, you need to a web site that is going to promote you, a web site that knows what makes visitors want your services... We will help you generate an unstoppable demand for your services and most important an unlimited flow of cash!

Within just a few days or weeks chances are that you will be adjusting your hourly rate up to $500 or even $700+ dollars per hour!

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"The big difference for me was that I was attracting a higher class of clientele. I even had guys flying into town for me."

Since placing my ad on Escorts-n-Fetishes I've been able to double my rates!

Mistress Veronica

Update Picture, Add new Categories or Locations anytime all online

By placing your ad and marketing efforts with us you have a highly sophisticated marketing effort working for you... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

What exactly can Escort-n-Fetishes do for you?

Submit your entire ad online now, showing you exactly how your ad is going to look!
Allow you to update and change your pictures online and see how the are going to look in your ad!
Submit updated text for your ad!
Submit new phone numbers or email or evenavailability changes and have it reflected in your ad instantly. No waiting for staff to update your ad like at the other online directories!

Accurately track and analyze where your clients are coming from by the subject of the email in the clients email to you!

It is like having your own web site, complete with photos, physical characteristics, rates, availability!

Many of the features of your ad can be updated in real time. Drop the other sites that don't have the features you require and are not producing the results you are paying for!

When it comes to advertising, your ads either work, or they don't. End of story.

In just a few minutes you can see exactly what your ad is going to look like before it is placed. (Coming Soon)

Once you know that your ad is working exactly like you want, you can drop the ads that are not producing results on other directories.

Simply login to your control panel, and everything you could possibly want to change to your ad is there waiting for you.

"I love to be able to make changes to my ad and update my pictures whenever I want, even late at night."

Escorts-n-Fetishes is the best Escort Directory that I have ever advertised with! I would not think about running my ad any other directory besides Escorts-n-Fetishes. My advertiser control panel makes it so easy to update my ad. Their staff is so friendly and easy to work with, and they always respond quickly to my questions.

Tampa Escort

The Advertiser Control Panel Lets You Test the
Look and Feel of your ad before you submit it!

I personally discovered the true power of the control panel a few months ago... let me tell you a short story about what I learned.

I had wanted to spruce up my ad. I had recently had some new photos done.

I also wanted to experiment with what the demand would be for my services in some other cities.

In the matter of 10 minutes I had updated my pictures and added two new cities for my ad to appear in.

I began receiving receiving about 15-20 emails a day from guys wanting to set appointments in the new cities that I had added.

I was able to book enough clients to fill my schedule for a week in each of the new cities and I was requiring a 50% deposit for the visit.

I was pleasantly surprised not to mention shocked when I was able to fill my schedule so quickly!

Overall, I was generating around $7,000 per month before I I started advertising with Escorts-n-Fetishes. Once I started advertising with them my income instantly shot up to above $25,000 per month.

I've nearly nearly quadrupled my income, just by placing and ad on their site.

I am extremely happy with the results. No kidding.

With Escorts-n-Fetishes... you can do this too! It's easy!

By testing different elements on your ad, and then "tweaking" accordingly, you can achieve the same results...

It probably won't happen as fast as mine did (I'm extremely HOT), with a bit of time, and the right attitude of course, you can go from being a typical escort, to being one of the most sought after free live webcam girl and desired escorts in the world!

Test everything with Escorts-n-Fetishes easy to use Advertiser Admin Panel

Which captions pack the right "punch" and put your visitors in the mood!
Which pictures create the most desire for your services!
Which pictures and text give your clients a sense of extreme anticipation!

Your Ad will make your client snap up an appointment before your get away!

Find out if you have the demand to capture the clients that will drop 20K to spend a week with you!
Discover what creates a sense of wonder and curiosity in your clients!
How to word your Ad to build confidence and create a sense of trust!

By constantly testing, and tweaking your ad, you can infinitely raise your rates, and increase your profits to a level even you couldn't imagine!

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"Escorts-n-Fetishes is the most feature rich and professional Escort Directory out there."

I gave up with all those so called number one escort directories that you see advertised on every escort review sites!

I got tired of answering emails from guys that just wanted to waste time or have me send them nude photos! If you want a sizzling ad go with Escorts-n-Fetishes.

Escorts-n-Fetishes is the most feature rich and professional Escort Directory on the web. I've been an Escort full-time since 1998, I've tried many, many different escort directories and they've all ended up being worthless. If you're a serious, professional escort, give Escorts-n-Fetishes a try, then you'll see why you ad will do everything they claim... and more.

Texas Escort

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All ads are processed using industry standard 128 bit
encryption. Your credit card
number is not stored, and your information will never be sold.

I know your time is valuable, so I will only take a bit more of it to leave you with my contact information.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please... get in touch with me or our support staff! I am available to answer any questions you may have.

Our email address is , and our phone number is

Yes, that is a toll free number, so don't hesitate to use it!

I would like to thank you for your time, and wish you success in all your ventures...


Kyla Reynolds


Placing your ad with Escorts-n-Fetishes is easier than ever. We will drive the targeted clients to you as you desire.

Escorts-n-Fetishes will help you find the right clients for you, the guys with plenty of cash to drop on a beautiful sophisticated lady like yourself.

Don't place your ads blindly on other sites, they can actually end up costing you money with the time answering unproductive emails!

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Honestly, the cost of your ad is a drop in the bucket for the kind of money you can make in the escort business.

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Still unsure? Don't forget Escorts-n-Fetishes makes easy create and change your ad!

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